Pretty in Ink

This was a show that I curated for Grass Hut in April with 3 young female artists: Meg Hunt, MiniatureMouse, & Naomi Nowak.
Old, I know, but there were pictures from the show posted on Juxtapoz's website (courtesy of the lovely Cecelia Singer), so I thought I'd post the link on here.

Click on the image below for pics from the show!


grass hut: june first friday

this past friday was first friday on e. burnside which means art shows! there was the "rayguns of ray horneau" show over at moshi moshi, the "hilberts!" show at grass hut, and my friend brad delay had a solo show at the chesterfield.
there was a wonderful turnout, the weather was beautiful and people stuck around the galleries long past closing time.

here's a video scrappers made of the hilbert's artwork:

i really loved the vibrant colors and lines of the hilberts' show, which featured 4 different artists: Snaggs, Arbito, Oliver, & Spencer (3 cousins and a wife).
it was really interesting to see 4 artists with unique styles of their own, but who share so many similarities in color palate and flavor to their work.

and of course, i have a soft spot (no pun intended!) for Snaggs work. i love felt and sewing!

here are some terrible pictures i took; i have shaky hands unfortunately. =(