two thursdays ago, the biggest art show i've curated so far, W+K=MAKE opened at the portland headquarters of wieden+kennedy. it's w+k's first global art show and i had artwork from all of the seven offices in the show: portland, new york, london, amsterdam, delhi, shanghai, & tokyo from people of all different job titles -- the mail room to creative directors. over 100 artists participated and all the sales proceeds went to room to read, a nonprofit that builds schools and libraries and provides girls' education in developing countries.

500 people came through opening night and our brand new website that we built for the show had thousands of hits the first weekend. (all purchases are made through the website www.wkmake.com)

i've been working on this show for a few months and it was so wonderful to see all the submissions come in from all over the world. we did it to really celebrate the creativity throughout the entire w+k network.

in addition to artwork, i had screenings of film & animation shorts, two live djs (from the portland office), and wk radio played music exclusively by employees the night of the event. house spirits' matt and his wife were there pouring great drinks and i couldn't be happier with the whole thing. <3

see more artwork here.