sparks: ignite what's next PDX

dave choe and saber were in town last week for the portland stop of their "Ignite What's Next" tour. it was probably the most eventful 5 days of my short life. we went out for a lapdance or three and saber even bought me a rootbeer float. it was awesome.

i wasn't working the day they were leaving for seattle, so i got to play assistant and body guard up there too. ^__^

here are some photos from the live painting they did at Rotture and the next day at weiden + kennedy.

dave & saber live painting at rotture.

yay for tree-man.

saber signing the piece.

secret piece downstairs.

happy fun times.

saber, dave, and my friend kevin.

starting out weiden + kennedy piece.

pt. 2

finished weiden + kennedy piece.