12 does vday

sorry for waiting until now to post them, but in the spirit of love, hearts, and all things romantic, 12 made these valentines (in the style of the elementary school ones you cut out) and passed them around the agency.

most of these are inside jokes and unfortunately, they probably won't make sense to people who don't know us, but i thought i'd share them anyways.


long weekend: stella, andrew, & seattle <3

*warning: this is a photo dump*
i was a lucky lady and got to go up to seattle this past weekend to see stella im hultberg and andrew hem's new solo shows at roq la rue.

it was lovely to see stella and matthew again (it's almost been a year!) and stella's pieces were beautiful as always. super moody this round and she's working with different angles/perspectives. awesome.

this was the first time i've seen large pieces from andrew and they were gorgeous! he usually works small because he's used to doing gouache, but he did almost all oil for this show.

andrew hem's infamous matchboxes

stella bella

jason limon's work was next door at suite 100's show 10x10.

best way to end a night - albacore & tuna toro!

scariest ice cream truck ever - why do they have pickles?

photos at seattle art museum that i wasn't supposed to take (>__<)

seattle sculpture garden


i had the bestest weekend ever up there. the company was lovely and i ate the best food: my favorite bbq sandwich at honey hole, tapas at quinn's, and sushi from wasabi bistro! <3


this weekend...

go see coraline. you won't be sorry.

a lot of sweat, blood, and tears went into this project and i feel like it's one of the most visually stunning movies i've seen in a long time. see it in 3D if you can. it's the first 3D stereoscopic stop motion feature ever! and handmade in little ol' portland too. (^__^)

the promotion/advertising of the movie also focused on the handmade (done by w+k). just in case you haven't seen it, here are some pieces:

coraline boxes
coraline dunks & shoeboxes
the nitty gritty (strategy & recap of everything produced)

yay yay!