choe, flores, pardee, & fish

photo from eyesuckink.blogspot.com

sorry i've been so busy (and lazy) that i need to hijack someone else's blog, but it looks like i missed some awesome, awesome times in SF this past weekend. david choe, sam flores, alex pardee, & jeremy fish did some live painting together in conjunction with the YouTube LIVE concert. the foursome painted a huge wish cube. you can read more about it here on alex pardee's blog.



wordstock TV

in 12, i've been working on a campaign for Wordstock - the Pacific Northwest's largest book festival happening this weekend. we've been designing and producing everything for them from print ads, store takeovers, and TV to posters, schedules, buttons, website, viral videos, and special events. here is the TV spot we made and also the longer viral video. these were for a not-for-profit, so it was super low budget, but i'm really proud of what we did with it!