the night i danced my heart out.

friday night was B'Dang D'Bang at Someday Lounge. Connie Wohn's annual bash for her birthday. it's a big party that ends with a 5-round dance competition. about 17 people signed up for the contest to win the coveted first prize, a 6 foot trophy. i signed up.

he did too. (^__^)

i was lucky no breakdancers signed up. i would've been finished straightaway.
it was my first dance contest. the five rounds were as follows:
1. hip hop
2. hip hop with two different beats laid over
3. funk
4. weird trancey/dancy
5. one on one dance-off

i was stoked. we shoved the thing in tiva's car; i think it's going to make a fine hat rack.