san francisco

my my my...it's been about two months since i last blogged. 0_o

here are some updates:
1. i relocated back to SF from portland about a week and a half ago.
2. i'm looking for an art-related job and keeping my fingers crossed!
3. i'm really excited to go to tons of art shows and start having some of my own soon.
4. even when it's "cold" or "rainy" in SF, it's not nearly as frigid or miserable as a portland winter. yipee!

and tomorrow is the opening of my friend luke chueh's art show at Gallery 1988 SF: Vivisect Playset 4!

and there is also an artist series Vivisect Playset toy set coming out too; with toy designs by Anthony Ausgang, Luke Chueh, Thomas Han, Peter Gronquist, Joe Ledbetter, Greg Simkins, Amanda Visell, and a collaboration between Greg Simkins & Joe Ledbetter. they won't be released tomorrow though.

here is the first of 3 pieces luke is creating for the show:

"Shit For Brains"