soso @ rock n' rose

artist's reception: 6-9pm
live painting by Soso @ 7pm
after-party @ Rontom's

this is the first show i've curated since "happily ever after?" in seattle and i'm glad to come back from my two-month sabbatical with this solo show of all-new works from seattle artist Soso.

i've known Soso for almost a year now, but this is the first time i've shown her artwork and i'm really excited for the opening this friday!
the venue is a first for me as well; Rock N' Rose is a vintage/indie clothing boutique that just opened up on e. burnside a few months ago and this marks the first time they're participating in the first friday art walk.

Soso is going to be doing some live painting at the opening and there will be drinks, music, and lots of wonderful new artwork from her, so if you're in the area, please stop by and meet the artist! oh, and say hi to me too!

there is also going to be an after-party at Rontom's (a lounge right next door) after the show, which is also a lovely/chill/fantabulous space!


"a long way home" opening!

huzzah! so this past saturday was the opening for my friend erik otto's solo show at Shooting Gallery. it was super packed at the opening, there were people there from opening to close and the bouncers had a heck of a time kicking people out.
a lot of lovely people came out and everyone had a good time.

i played photographer again and took pics opening night, here are some of them:


install finished!

we finished up pretty much everything yesterday for erik's install and today he put on the finishing touches.

here are some pictures from yesterday's work:

erik in the house character.

everybody working hard (except for me, i'm playing photographer!)


install for "a long way home"

i've been in SF for the past week and a half to see family and such but also to see my friend erik otto's solo show at shooting gallery. it's been wonderful! the weather's been quite nice and i've been eating yummy food and hanging out and having many adventures!

while i'm here, erik decided to use me for free hard labor to help build the huge found wood installation for his show. four of us (well mostly two building and then the other 2 of us help carry things around) are virtually building an entire house inside the gallery space to keep his paintings company during the month that his show will be up.

it is massive!

he and his friend ken built most of the install at erik's studio and then we took it all apart and brought all the pieces over to the gallery yesterday. it took 3 u-haul loads and ten hours.

today we built the entire framework and skinned most of it too. we took pictures yesterday, i posted a few of them here, the rest of them can be found here:

Saber is showing next door at white walls and is also doing an installation - a re-make of his huge LA river piece.
it's like a tiny (well, tiny compared to the original) version of the piece that took him a whole year of late nights spraypainting on his knees, avoiding crack-heads and gangs and even trying to save someone who fell into the river to paint.

this is going to be a great coupling of shows; if you're in the bay, you should definitely check it out!

i will have more photos of the installation process and will post those as well as show photos as soon as i can!


melissa forman & electric garden

this post is a bit late, but here are some photos from Compound's june opening: a solo show with melissa forman and a group show with apak, betsy watson, and peter hamlin. the artwork was simply lovely and i was really glad that all the artists got to come out for the show too!

melissa forman is an artist that was in mike burnett's "neighborWOOD" show. we loved her piece in the show and asked her to have a solo show in Compound's smaller space. it was her first solo show and she created some gorgeous pieces for it.

melissa has been painting portraits since she was a youth (she painted them in high school for extra money). she recently decided to challenge herself and paint historical style clothing and settings, but juxtaposing them with faces of relatives and friends.

here are some images of melissa's artwork:

the show in the larger portion of Compound's space was "Electric Garden" a trio of tiny artsiness: artist-couple APAK, betsy watson, and peter hamlin. the pieces for this show were so super detailed and delicate! i loved it!
plus all the artists painting on the walls of the space and made it really cute and cozy.




Betsy Watson

Betsy Watson

Peter Hamlin

Peter Hamlin

the folks!

THE END of a fabulous opening!