2nd day (pt. 2)

finally! i resized and uploaded pictures from LA trip day two part two:

after seeing luke's "Long Arm of the Paw" show at 1988, we met him at mari's house and headed over to Merry Karnowsky gallery for Sideshow Redux, a show curated by brad benedict.

there were some really gorgeous pieces in the show.

mark mothersbaugh

i met travis louie for the first time too!

andrew brandou

earlier in the night, mari, luke, & i decided to take the pepcid ac challenge. supposedly if you take pepcid ac an hour before you start drinking alcohol, it reduces/eliminates the "asian glow" or becoming "lobster in the face" as my friend kevin calls it.
luke and i convinced david "the chung" chung to also take the challenge.

korin faught

camille rose garcia

i'm already planning my next trip down to LA for this coming may when luke, mari, and chet zar will be having a three person show at copro nason! yay!


dear god...even nike is super artsy down here.

kosher pizza

after the show, the three of us headed over to starbucks for a snack which somehow ended up being a pseudo-classy-starbucks-awkward-first-date. ha!

very romantic!

then mari and luke ro-sham-boed for who was driving to copro nason. mari won 3 out of 5. here is the winning play!

the show featured 17 original paintings (including two on canvas, oh my!) and two drawings. the second space was filled with the limited prints that audrey's been making for the past few years. the show was so packed and audrey was mobbed, but luckily we stuck around long enough to say hi.



juxtapoz's greg escalante trying to convince audrey to do an interview. =P

one of audrey's two canvas pieces. interesting to see where she'll go with a different medium!


brian with the giant bottle of vodka that made deceivingly delicious drinks. stupid pepcid ac!!!

best way to end a night of artsy amazingness!!! the chung, travis louie, luke, mari, & i went to get yummy korean food at this 24-hour place in koreatown. too bad the jerk of a waitress kicked us out because we hung out after eating to talk art. hat0rzzzz!!!!!


day two... (pt.1)

in the morning, i sat for mari

i stood too.

then we went to japantown to go to the murakami show again.

the queue was ridiculous.
luckily, we didn't have to wait & got in for free because i recognized someone i met at the MOCA the day before. :)

after, we went back through downtown

to the melrose district to see luke's show.

it was balmy.

along the way, we saw this giant tree

and i got distracted by shiny things

my and mari's favorite piece - eek! so cute!

mark bodnar was showing too

the tooth's long legs & socks made me laugh (and reminded me that i need my wisdom teeth out)

yosuke ueno's pieces made me warm and happy.

more elephants

= more happy.


"i'm in los angeles today..."

today i:

1. woke up at freak o'clock in the AM
2. flew to LAX from SFO
3. was picked up by luke
4. went to an interesting part of town and took some pictures
5. ate some dim sum and NOT "latino-style" vietnamese sandwiches
6. went to japanLA - bought some amazingly cute stuff
7. went to munky king (melrose)
8. ate pinkberry
9. went to MOCA (no.1) for a walk through of Collecting Collections
10. went to MOCA (no. 2) to see the Murakami exhibit
11. went to japantown - bought and ate many japanese snackins and drinkins
12. shop shop shop - cute overload!!!
13. went to munky king (chinatown)
14. went to MOCA (no.1) for opening reception of Collecting Collections
15. met up with mari & kent
16. ate yummy mexican foods & (1 very strong) margarita
17. blogged
18. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...


[not pictured: any of the MOCA things (no cameras allowed) and adventures in japantown and with mexican food - (>_<) dumb]