"i'm in los angeles today..."

today i:

1. woke up at freak o'clock in the AM
2. flew to LAX from SFO
3. was picked up by luke
4. went to an interesting part of town and took some pictures
5. ate some dim sum and NOT "latino-style" vietnamese sandwiches
6. went to japanLA - bought some amazingly cute stuff
7. went to munky king (melrose)
8. ate pinkberry
9. went to MOCA (no.1) for a walk through of Collecting Collections
10. went to MOCA (no. 2) to see the Murakami exhibit
11. went to japantown - bought and ate many japanese snackins and drinkins
12. shop shop shop - cute overload!!!
13. went to munky king (chinatown)
14. went to MOCA (no.1) for opening reception of Collecting Collections
15. met up with mari & kent
16. ate yummy mexican foods & (1 very strong) margarita
17. blogged
18. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...


[not pictured: any of the MOCA things (no cameras allowed) and adventures in japantown and with mexican food - (>_<) dumb]


josh said...

whoa, that pinkberry looks good. Wish they had one of those were I live.

Luke Chueh said...

Yay LA!
What a fun filled day.
Are you going to feature all the stuff you did on saturday too?
btw, ya what's sad? I don't have any good pics of you and I! Your loyal chauffeur! :(

Monica Choy said...

oh man...you're right! there is that one of us at starbucks though! but other than that, did you take any pics?

Luke Chueh said...

Oh yeah! Starbucks... funny.
But no, I don't have any pics of us :(
But now I'm expecting LA part 2.
Don't let me down!

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