soso show photos!

oh my! sorry i didn't get to put together some photos from the show before, but here they are.

this was my first time doing a show outside of a proper gallery space, but the turnout was still lovely and we even sold a few pieces, yay!
it was great to see everyone out and having a good time. dj Zita spun some "phat beatz" (two of my favorite words!) and there were drinks and tiny cupcakes too!

soso did a live painting performance outside the space opening night and despite the wind, it went very well. she didn't know what she was going to paint at first, but then the night before, she had a vision of owls. nice!

thanks so much to angela and micheal for the photos!

here are the photos:

[setting up the show]

[snow owl - SOLD]

[background work on the canvas]

[night falls quickly in portland, doesn't it?]

[the artist as a vandal =P]

[white roses - SOLD]

[aftermath - charcoal on paper - $125]

[after the death - charcoal on paper - $90]

[eye of the beholder - charcoal on paper - $85]

[looking back - charcoal on paper - $100]

there are still pieces available from the show. if you are interested or need more information, feel free to email me at monicahwchoy@gmail[dot]com!

i had a lot of help on this show and i couldn't have done without it!
yay rock n' rose (jeff & sheila)!
yay soso!
yay micheal!
yay zita!
yay angela!
yay that angry lady upstairs who told us to turn down the phat beatz!
yay everyone who came to the opening!


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