vivisect playset IV

last night was the opening of Luke Chueh's "Vivisect Playset IV" at Gallery 1988 SF. the show looked wonderful and Luke and Greg "Crayola" Simkins were signing and sketching from when the doors opened at 7pm 'til they closed at 11.

the show featured artwork from 23 artists. it was a lovely variety of styles and experience all working in the common theme of animals as subjects portraying the human condition.

the line to meet Luke and Crayola got pretty crazy by the middle of the night and luke could barely find time to sneak outside for a cigarette.

[BEFORE: the line early in the evening]

[AFTER: mid-evening, people were crowding in to get a sketch]

later in the evening i was also able to head over to Shooting Gallery a few blocks away to see their opening for Anne Faith Nicholls solo show "Low Tide Collection".

i have never gotten the chance to see her work in person before and she did a wonderful job on this show with some really large detailed works and also an installation of a bed hanging from the ceiling - as illustrated in the title piece of the show.

the Usugrow/ Mike Giant show was still up in White Walls next door and i'm glad i got the chance to see that before it comes down week after next.

overall, it was a wonderful first night of artsy goodness in SF for me and i can't wait for more! ^__^


Luke Chueh said...

I didn't realize you were back on the blog! And for my show too! Exclamation! I use them to much!

MARILLA said...

did you get a hug from Luke,, One from me..

Monica Choy said...

oh my! comments on my blog? amazing!

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