happily ever after 2!

my show Happily Ever After? 2 opens next weekend at Suite 100 Gallery. very excited! and also starting to feel the tinges of stress coming on. but more excited than stressed, which is always good. {view artwork here}

after this and my photography show This Place is a Prison (also at Suite 100), i'll probably be taking a little sabbatical from curating because i got accepted into Wieden + Kennedy's 12 program and will be moving back up to portland and starting class next month. i'm a little scared and a lot excited about the opportunity to work my butt off in a field that is not that familiar to me. my class (of 12 people) will be working on actual advertisements for actual companies that W+K work with, so i'll be updating as projects are completed and who knows, maybe you'll see something i made on tv! (^__^)

that said, i plan on attending and updating on a lot of artsy goodness happening in the portland area. i feel like i've missed a lot in the 4 months i've been away and i can't wait to get back.
tonight was another round of First Thursday openings in portland and Usugrow is showing at Fifty24PDX! so sad that i missed that opening, because i'm sure he flew out for it. Compound Gallery is having a remix the masters show and tomorrow, Grass Hut Gallery is having their opening for a two person show with Trish Grantham and Amy Ruppel.
too many great shows that i'm missing. (-__-) *sigh*


marcus said...

wow congrats on getting accepted into that program!

and i see that you got another sharpie tat on the other side of ur neck that night LOL hope it didn't take too long to wash it off

Monica Choy said...

(^__^)thanks! i'm so lucky that i got in!

haha...the sharpie took a few days to come off completely. for the last two days it looked like someone had been punching me in the neck.

boygirlparty said...

congratulations, monica! wieden and kennedy do such interesting stuff, sounds like an awesome opportunity! wish i could check out HEA2... thank you again for including me :)
so glad to know you!

MARILLA said...

I believe you will have fun with creating stuff!!!
I am super glad you found the place you want to be!
Go Go Monica!!
so you are not coming????
that would be sad..... a little?

. said...

mari! i want to see your opening so badly, but i will be starting class may 12 and your show is may 10. i'm so sorry because i told you i would go!!!
maybe i can still try to come down in may while your show is up and visit you again. i miss you.

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