i finally have internet!

after almost three weeks of being in portland, i finally have internet in my house. it's been kind of nice to find alternate forms of entertainment when i'm not at the office, but i've been neglecting my blog. (>_<)

update: i guess i haven't been doing much lately except for getting up early and working a lot. i really enjoy the new environment; wieden + kennedy has such a gorgeous building and i love the open feeling of the architecture - though i think i might talk too loud/high-pitched for a space with so few walls. everyone keeps on overhearing everything i say.
things are going very well and being the workaholic that i am, i'm glad to say that i've been keeping busy with lots of projects already and have been working 9-12 hour days.

i'm becoming an old lady - i get sleepy around 11:30 or so now. poo.
for the past few years, i haven't had to really operate until the PM, so it's a little weird for me now to have to wake up at 7:30am to get ready. i'm sure i'll get used to it soon enough, but for now, i'm missing a lot of go-outy time with my friends. still, it's such a relief to be back in beautiful portland!

work isn't all that's taking up my time though. i still have one more art show i'm going to do before diving completely into w+k 12. i'm doing another show at suite 100 gallery in seattle, but this time it's a photography show (my first one). OOOoOooo...

emily ibarra

I have three photographers in the show: Angela Dawn, Emily Ibarra, and Jack Raynard. I selected them for this show together because they all live in urban cities and their subject matter tends to lean towards young, urban lifestyle.
plus, i normally have a bit of difficulty relating to photography but these three really grabbed me, so i think it's worthwhile to show them.

there is a show description here: This Place is a Prison
photographer information and images should be updated on the website soon as well. the show opens friday, june 13 from 6-11pm.

i'm excited to go up and hang the show. i think by that time, i'll be well into my work at wieden + kennedy and it'll be nice to take a break and do something else creative. my dad and brother will be flying up to seattle to see my show too. they haven't been to one of my shows in over a year, so it'll be really nice to have them there.

last art show in a year probably...kinda sad. (-_-)


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