art in december

this month marked my return to the gallery circuit. i guess i really only missed last month's shows, but it seemed like forever since i was surrounded by art and my old art buddies. it's been really all work for me lately, but i was glad to go on a little art binge.

together gallery's december show was called "family quilt". all the artwork was squares and there were lots of colorful, gorgeous pieces in the show. they hung it salon style to look like a great big quilt. there were tons of people there hanging out, both inside and out. super glad to see them doing well - such great guys who run it.

this was one of my favorites. i couldn't get over all the mixing she must've done!

loved this tiny sculpture piece with the teeny little birds

together gallery's pinski, evan b. harris, and ayumi from APAK

at grass hut gallery they had a show with the gallery's founding artists: bwana spoons, scrappers, APAK, martin ontiveros, and le merde. i've always loved the fun work that they have over at grass hut and it was great to see all the grass huttians showing their artwork together.

papa scrappers with baby camper

gimongous "killer" vinyl!!!

love this bwana/APAK collab piece.

more vinyl!

scrappers made this crazy hamster wheel of wonder. i jumped into it and it quickly became the hamster wheel of terror.

it doesn't look like it, but i'm running and trying not to fall on my face.

my friend sohaila adela was having a show the same night down the street at rock n' rose. unfortunately, i didn't get many pictures. sohaila is originally from seattle and i've shown her work quite a bit. she moved to portland this past summer and we're lucky to have her.

huzzah! <3


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