black, white, & silver

another first thursday and subsequent awesome weekend with music fest nw and pica's TBA festival happenings all over portland.

this first thursday turned out to be pretty filled with black and white imagery. first stop was at Tyson Space in the everett station artist lofts and galleries for jimm lasser's Obama Force One show.

jimm was in the third class of wk12 and this exhibition focused around his all-white air force one with obama carved into the sole. he's now a copywriter and art director here at wieden + kennedy.

the shoe on the right reads "a black man runs and a nation is behind him"

w+k field trip!

next up was compound gallery for the DIGMEOUT show. this is compound's ... fourth? or fifth? partnership with Osaka's art collective, DIGMEOUT.

DIGMEOUT is sponsored by Osaka radio station FM802 and each year they hold an 'audition' for up-and-coming Japanese artists. thousands apply and they choose 12-15 artists to be represented by DIGMEOUT for a year.

artist ryugi ohtani has been represented by DIGMEOUT for several years in a row.

the artists do ad, illustration, and design work for companies that partner up with DIGMEOUT. kinda like a Japanese 12.

my favorite piece in the show by artist Mongrel.

unfortunately, the artists and artistic director didn't get to come out for the show this year. i look forward to seeing them every year - the new artists are always very excited to visit portland and i enjoy spending time with them despite the language barrier.

now for some nerdy shoe news: the nike aerofit is finally out and on the shelves. i was leaving compound when i saw them gleaming through the window.

the aerofit is comparable to the reebok freestyle which i love wearing for their bright colors and hightop-ness (i have weak ankles, but that's another story), but i can't wear them because wieden + kennedy and nike are pretty much synonymous.

i was a sad panda. but then...in comes the aerofit, ushering in a new era of hightop action. hurrah!

i no longer need to save my 80s hightop lovin' for the weekend. plus they're a soooper shiny silver! i feel like i can roast corn on them. huzzah!


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