this weekend i discovered the button maker and sewing machine at work. i've been spoiling to create something completely unrelated to any client work lately, so this past weekend was the perfect opportunity for me to use the studio to make, make, make.

i started by collecting photos online of things that i thought were interesting or cool or tickled my fancy. i took all of those and sewed them into a little zine thing.

it looked pretty plain with just its white cover, so i decided to throw in a bit of electric pink for fun. i also went a little crazy with the button maker and made one-of-a-kind buttons for each zine: one from the images in the zine and one hand-drawn one.

i decided to call it "pretty okay" because it's just a silly little thing. i'm going to try to do a different one every few weeks. as small as it was, it was nice to take some time and just make something that i liked.

oh, i also drew this up for a t-shirt design last week:

and today i decided to print out some digustingly cute pictures of baby animals and make a cutesy set of buttons:

i only made 16 of this first batch of zines, but i'm sure i'll be making more next time. i miss sending people mail, so email me your address and i'll send you a little something special next time i make something! --> monicahwchoy@gmail.com



edwinushiro said...

Yes, please send me one. I gotta have a set! You remind me of a time when I used to use take advantage of the carefree graveyard shift crew at my local Kinkos and run all kinds of experiments on their color copy machines. I even ran fabric throught the feeder at one point. Sorry Kinkos! Go Monica!

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