printed matter III & an adventure with some cardboard

the last art show i attended was the Printed Matter III show at giant robot sf. i went to the show with my friend jack and we met Last Gasp Books' colin and nancy there. i met them both while i was in LA at audrey kawasaki's show at copro nason.


i have only seen a few shows at giant robot sf so far, but i am always pleasantly surprised not only by the quality, but also the sheer amount of work they always manage to have in their gallery space. i think this show had over 100 pieces! many of my favorite artists were in this show, including susie ghahremani, APAK, and kelly tunstall to name a few.

as the name indicates, this was a print show and jack picked up a piece which the staff graciously wrapped up for us in a sheet of cardboard. i thought to myself, "that's funny, now we look like some hobo-teens" so i thought i'd make the best use of our situation and in the spirit of the friendliness/loveliness of portland (and inspired by a video made by a friend of a friend), i made a sign. "FREE HUGS!"

it started out pretty slow at first, only about 10% of people passing by took me up on my offer, a bit disheartening. but soon, after many questions like "do you want money?" and "is this a trick?", people warmed up and for the next 4 hours, i hugged everyone who would hug me back. i think i probably hugged over 70 people that night.

some people would even double-take and come back to hug me. it sounds cheesy, but the joy that i felt that evening from the people who took the time to get a hug and the happiness they expressed to me was really quite encouraging. i felt drunk... but with joy. weird, huh? maybe this world isn't as cold as it seems after all.

this nice man even recited a poem for me in exchange for the hug i gave him.

this is going to make me sound like a hippie, but it's good to take some time and do something spontaneous and kind sometimes. most of the time, you'll find that you're the one who gets the most out of it.
don't be - make happy!


boygirlparty said...

monica, this is the cutest post in the world.

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