w+k weekend

i haven't really told anyone, but i'm trying to wriggle my way back up to portland and applied for the wieden + kennedy 12.5. twelve is a school of sorts that is run by global advertising agency wieden + kennedy (headquartered in portland). this is going to be their fifth year.

twelve only lasts for a year and doesn't really have traditional classes; instead, much of "school" is lab time working on actual ad campaigns for actual clients. so it is more hands-on than traditional ad school.
i first became aware of wk12 when i went to the graduation of my friend Scrappers Morrison for wk12.3 last year. i was too busy with graduation from college to apply for the current twelve, but got the opportunity to do so this year and luckily was chosen as one of the 25 finalists. (^__^)

wieden + kennedy flew us up this past weekend to do interviews, see the space, and meet everyone. it was the best, craziest, most tiring, and exciting three days ever. first of all, apparently my ID is expired as of this month and the first event of the weekend was for all the candidates to do some socializing at a neighborhood bar.
i was promptly kicked out, which was quite embarassing -- i was so bummed because it was going to be my first chance to meet everyone. (-__-) sadness... though, i did go to Saint Cupcake and treat myself to some pre-Easter cuppies (chocolate with hot fudge & sprinkles!, chocolate with cream cheese frosting, vanilla coconut malt/choco-egg).

fortunately, i got to catch up with everyone the next day during the first group of interviews (i was the first one in the first group to be interviewed, go figure). there was a lot of talent and a LOT of great personalities there and it's crazy i got chosen to be part of such a great group of peoples.

i got to stay in the ryan jacob smith room at the ace hotel. <3

the sixth floor, aka heaven. there is a giant pterodactyl nest up there and all the executive offices.



photodocumentation and iphones seemed to be a theme this weekend.

mac from Mass Appeal Magazine and bill, my weekend BFF.

rob heppler. kinda sorta sam flores' double.

me & turbo, who was wheeling around on his heelys all weekend (hence the nickname turbo). i didn't know someone could get a nickname so quickly; i also didn't know they made those for adults! he kinda rocks.

jinnina, chet, byron, & susan = the judges

ooh-wee. what a handsome group (we are minus bill and 5 international candidates)

wish me luck! <3


sophan said...

that's so cool!!

edwinushiro said...

Wishing you luck!

MARILLA said...

Oh MOnica,,YOu are so aawesome!!

don'tthinkfeeeeeeeel said...

i think i found your blog thru sleepboy's. best of luck on the w+k. also big fan if edwin ushiro, can't wait until your upcoming show. i'll keep a look out.

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