spring/summer 2008

here's an update on a few shows i'm working on for this upcoming spring and beginning of summer. both are with Suite 100 Gallery in seattle. i had my first show with suite 100 spring of last year and they invited me back to curate more art shows for them.

this year, i'll be doing another exhibition of Happily Ever After? my fairytale-themed show. the first one did very well last year and this year i was able to include some artists who couldn't participate in the first one. here is the list of participating artists:

Meg Hunt
Mari Inukai
Joshua Clay
Ryan Bubnis
Deth P. Sun
Miniature Mouse
Cory Benhatzel
Rudy Jan Faber
Krista Huot
Edwin Ushiro
Jeremiah Ketner
Leanne Biank
Susie Ghahremani
Sophie Varela
Heather Amuny-Dey
Johnny Yanok
Sohaila Adela

also, with this year's show, Sohaila Adela has agreed to paint the installation for the show. last year, my friend Erik Otto helped me with a mural to tie the show together:

Happily Ever After: Chapter 2 will be opening friday, April 11. i plan on flying up to seattle two days before to install. i had 4 days last time, but i'm familiar with the space now and i know where home depot is, so installation shouldn't be too much of a problem.

another show i'm working on is This Place is a Prison, my first photography show. the show features the work of Angela Dawn, Emily Ibarra, and Jack Raynard. no theme with this one, i selected artists whose styles and subject matter seem to work well together. all three photographers are young 20-somethings from urban areas (san francisco and seattle) and the lifestyles of the photographers themselves often is portrayed in their work.
(i really wanted to include a photographer from portland in this show, especially since it's been one of my goals to give portland talent more exposure, but the photographer i was set on couldn't do it. =\ )

This Place is a Prison opens Friday, June 13.

also, the purpose of my whole LA trip a few weeks ago was to see the two Munky King spaces and also to finally meet the owner, Patrick Lam and talk about curating some shows for him. i've been knocking some ideas around for that and there have been some shows i've been waiting for a good venue for. Munky King has a chinatown and also a melrose location, both of which have a good amount of room for art (and super high ceilings!!!) so hopefully i'll be able to do something for both end of this year.


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